B2B Event Promotion

Increase Attendance and Registrations

Events are an opportunity to interact with potential and current customers. Whether an event you’re hosting or a tradeshow you’re attending, event promotion can significantly increase your success at the event. At your hosted events, event promotion should focus on increasing attendance from your existing customers and prospects. Retargeting, CRM targeting, social advertising, and brand campaigns can all boost registrations from users already in your database. Event promotion campaigns can help build awareness of your event and get “justify your trip” one-sheets in your customer’s hands.

Events as Lead Generation

Obility’s B2B event promotion solutions also provide an opportunity to use events as a lead generation tool. Target other attendees of tradeshows and increase visibility at events. Gain attendee contact information with VIP giveaways or party locators. Tap into a pool of qualified individuals by taking advantage of the event’s publicity. Obility will build and manage event promotion campaigns that generates leads.