Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing to Reach Target Accounts

Account-based marketing gives you the opportunity to actively pursue top quality leads, prospects, and opportunities through digital marketing. B2B buying decisions take time. Buyers need to be educated. A sole individual typically does not make the decision. Individuals are typically charged with research, but ultimately the decision requires buy-off from multiple people. Account-based marketing gives you the opportunity to target titles and roles within target companies, your existing database, or specific IP addresses. In targeting your top leads directly, you can utilize messaging that speaks directly to them.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Close Leads Faster

Obility’s account-based marketing solutions provide an opportunity to reach your specific companies or accounts in your sales database outside of email. Increase awareness at key companies and close your existing prospects by running specific messaging and late stage offers. Obility will build and manage your account-based marketing campaigns with the dual goals of gaining traction at key companies and nurturing existing opportunities.