Capture non-converters.

Even with Obility’s superb SEM management, not every visitor is going to provide her contact information. You may not connect with your first impression. Sometimes a visitor requires a 2nd or 3rd impression in order for her to give up her contact information. Retargeting provides that opportunity, and Obility can help you effectively re-market your customers without scaring them or giving them a creepy “being watched” feeling.

Obility works with top retargeting companies and networks including Google, Yahoo, Retargeter, & AdRoll to effectively and respectfully reach your audience as they browse the web. Obility uses strict impression rules, varies display ads and offers, and negatively targets irrelevant sites. Nobody likes to see work advertisements while they are watching the latest cat video or taking a break from work to read FML posts.

Retargeting needs to be as carefully planned, segmented, and reported as any other campaign, and Obility can help you set up & manage your retargeting efforts.

Stay in Front of Prospects

Retargeting also allows you to shorten your sales cycle.

Obility’s B2B retargeting campaigns keep you at the forefront of prospects’ minds & helps you nurture leads. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to show display advertising to past converters, email lists, and individuals in your CRM database. With retargeting, advertisers can vary offers based on past interactions. Follow up a white paper download with a demo. Provide a limited offer to users with low email open rates.

Retargeting can be an incredibly effective strategy that allows your company to:

  • Build brand strength
  • Re-market to past visitors with new messaging
  • Shorten your sales cycle
Obility Offers:

  • Visitor retargeting, search retargeting, Facebook Exchange, & CRM retargeting
  • Retargeting setup including audience segmentation, tracking code, & campaign settings
  • Ad & offer recommendations coordinated with your other marketing efforts
  • Ongoing management of all retargeting campaigns across multiple networks
  • Comprehensive reporting tying retargeting efforts to sales qualified leads and opportunity

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