New Site Launch

New Site Launch Preparation

Prior to launching a new website, you should consider how changes will affect your site’s organic traffic and visibility. Site architecture has a major impact on how search engines index sites. Furthermore, any changes to your URL, content management system (CMS), or responsive design can significantly disrupt your rankings. SEO impact should be considered during the design and development process. Considering SEO post-launch can be costly as developer time may need to be extended to perform SEO updates. Additionally, site content may need to be updated to target keywords.

Beyond an SEO Checklist

Obility’s site launch services ensures your site does not lose any current rankings by addressing technical concerns such as URL redirects, updates to XML Sitemap/robots.txt, and indexation-friendly site architecture. Obility also identifies new opportunities to improve rankings through mobile-friendly site changes, international targeting, and updates to existing or new content targeting your top keywords. Ultimately, the goal is take advantage of the content creation, design, and development efforts that go into launching a new site to increase organic traffic and leads.