A to Z of B2B

A Children’s Book for B2B Marketers

In preparation for Obility’s CEO Nick Herinckx’s first foray into fatherhood, the Obility team decided to create a unique children’s book for Nick’s future child. We have all had a difficult enough time explaining to our friends and parents what it is we do. We knew that Nick would have a near impossible task explaining to his future son or daughter what he did when he left for work everyday.

The A to Z of B2B Web Marketing started with an initial list of B2B marketing terms. The Obility team then identified what terms could best be represented to an infant. How to visualize demand generation and inbound marketing terms was difficult enough. Making them cute was a-whole-nother level of difficulty. Thankfully, Google has a penchant for naming its algorithms after cute, cuddly characters, and so we had a decent start. The remainder of the cute-factor fell to Susan Nierengarten. Susan, the mother of Obility’s founder Mike Nierengarten, has a limited understanding of what her son does on a day-to-day basis, and so her illustrations reflect much of the same imaginings a child may picture when hearing about B2B marketing.

We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to download and share it.