You may be running an excellent digital marketing campaign and getting plenty of prospects to your site, but without well-designed, targeted landing pages, you will not turn those prospects into leads.

In B2B, your landing pages and offers need to reflect all stages of the buying cycle, and they need to be device-specific. For example, if a qualified prospect in the awareness phase is shown a landing page aimed at someone in the evaluation phase, the offer might not be appropriate. Moreover, someone using a mobile device probably won’t want to download a white paper.

Obility will help you find the keywords your prospects are using throughout the sales cycle and create B2B landing pages and offers targeted to each phase. We’ll analyze your needs and make recommendations that will have the biggest impact on your revenue goals.

Our B2B landing page optimization services include:

  • Assessing your current landing pages and strategy to ensure that your offers are relevant, useful, compelling, and aligned with your target audience
  • Applying our proven “GRIP/SLIP” framework [link GRIP/SLIP framework to Our Process page] to create hyper-targeted landing pages for desktop and mobile
  • Testing, analyzing, and adjusting landing pages to optimize conversion rates

Like any other B2B digital marketing strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all for successful landing pages. Obility takes the time to test, adjust, and re-test until we reach the best option that converts.

Don’t Let Leads Slip Away

Our GRIP and SLIP framework is used as a guide to analyze your landing pages to make sure they have all the factors that will help you capture (GRIP) leads and none of the factors that make them leave (SLIP).


  • GAIN: Offer something of value and quickly show prospects what they’ll get from the offer.
  • RELEVANCE: Keep all the content relevant and persuasive.
  • IMPORTANCE: Create a sense of urgency for the offer or service.
  • PRECISION: State exactly what the offer is and what the prospect needs to do to get it.


  • SCAM: Make sure there isn’t a disconnect between the pre-click expectations and the post-click experience by ensuring the messaging matches the offer.
  • LEAKS: Leave extra links off the landing page unless they serve a purpose within the sales funnel–otherwise they’re invitations to leave.
  • INTERFERENCE: Use a clean, minimal design that focuses on the offer and messaging.
  • PANIC: Make it easy for the prospect to load and navigate the page and fill out your form.

With GRIP/SLIP, we can quickly identify weaknesses in a landing page and ensure it’s laser-focused on presenting an attractive offer with relevant content.


    “We love working with Obility. We have worked with multiple SEM vendors, but Obility set themselves apart by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue. Any B2B company needing help with SEM should hire Obility.”

    Maria Pergolino, SVP Marketing

    “For anyone looking for B2B help in SEM/SEO, I would highly recommend Obility. Their hard work and dedication to their clients show in the results every month. Their knowledge and expertise have been invaluable assets in our digital marketing toolbox.”

    Jean Philippe Rastrullo, Digital Marketing Manager

    “We love working with Obility. In the past year alone, we’ve been able to double our SEM budget because of the performance gains we’ve seen with Obility. They are a true partner.”

    Patrick Chen, Marketing Operations
Featured Case Study

Gainsight Increases Landing Page Conversion Rate by 87 Percent

When you’re starting from scratch, the opportunities for SEO and paid search can seem endless—and overwhelming. Obility worked with Gainsight to identify content needs throughout the sales cycle, seeking to maintain keyword-ad-offer relevancy. After building and testing the new pages, Gainsight saw leads increase by 1,000 percent and monthly conversion rates improve by 87 percent. See how we did it.

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