Keywords get all the attention, but if you’re not employing strong technical SEO strategies, even the best content with the proper keywords won’t get desired results. Think of technical SEO as the foundation and content SEO as the finishes and furniture in a house. It covers aspects of your site that users may not see, but play a critical role in how search engines find, crawl, and index it.

Technical SEO for B2B involves digging deep into your site architecture and ensure your site is effectively telling Google what users will find. We’ll check and improve loading speed, optimize images, correct 404 errors, and more.

We’ll also research and use keywords aimed at all stages of the sales cycle. Our technical SEO services will not only help increase the traffic to your website—you’ll also see a greater percentage of qualified leads visiting, translating into better sales opportunities.

Our technical B2B SEO services include:

  • In-depth keyword research for all stages of the sales cycle
  • Site changes for technical SEO and SEO compliance

We’ll make sure you’re on top of ever-changing search engine algorithms and update your strategies as needed to keep getting results.

Featured Case Study

SEO Improvements Create Huge Increase in Search Traffic

A technical SEO audit revealed on-site SEO issues for this 6,000-page website that were hindering performance. After identifying the issues and creating a plan to fix them, Obility conducted keyword research and developed a content creation plan to expand keyword targeting. This resulted in over 600 leads and $240,000 worth of SEO traffic in 12 months.

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