Reduce Cost per Qualified Lead

Generate more sales leads at lower acquisition costs.

Obility helps you reduce cost per qualified lead by helping you:

  • Identify effective marketing campaigns
  • Increase lead quality
  • Better convert visitors to leads

Identify Effective Marketing Efforts

Obility focuses on testing different advertising channels and platforms: SEO, paid search (AdWords, Bing Ads), social advertising (LinkedIn, Bizo), retargeting (Retargeter, AdRoll), and other PPC channels (AdFusion) in order to collect data and determine what works and what is ineffective.

Obility then saturates what is working (exhaust budgets on what is cheaply generating sales qualified leads before focusing elsewhere) and improves the channels that are ineffective.

Increase Lead Quality

Lead quality is central to Obility’s PPC management and search engine optimization strategy. Obility cares about generating new business not just form submissions, and so we connect our online campaigns to our clients’ CRMs and marketing automation platforms. In doing so, we are able to optimize online campaigns – what keywords, demographics, & industry verticals – best drive new customers.

Better Convert Users to Leads

In addition to focusing on improving lead quality, Obility also incorporates conversion optimization into our ongoing PPC management & search engine optimization efforts. Obility provides recommendations for improving ads, search listings, landing pages, and sales funnel to more effectively generate leads. Additionally, Obility is constantly testing offers, ads, and landing page elements to ensure that campaign performance is constantly improving.

By maximizing lead volume from high performing campaigns, improving lead quality and conversion rate from underperforming campaigns, and by constantly testing, Obility is able to significantly increase lead generation from online marketing efforts for our clients. Contact us now to learn how we can help improve your online campaign performance.

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