Scale Your Revenue with a B2B Paid Search Agency

B2B Paid Search for Tech and SaaS

Obility redefined B2B paid search over 10 years ago as we moved past focusing on conversions and began optimizing to pipeline and revenue. Obility has continued to fine tune these processes for B2B tech companies to ensure we deliver results that drive revenue. From multi-touch revenue attribution to benchmarking asset performance across multiple regions, Obility continues to deliver better-than-best practices for our clients

Paid Search is the Ultimate Intent-based Targeting





We love Obility. They set themselves apart
by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue
Maria Pergolino
CMO, ActiveCampaign


Leading B2B Tech and SaaS Companies Rely on Obility

Paid Search is Different for B2B Companies

Your PPC agency needs to know how to get you in front of the right people, at exactly the right time, throughout the entire buying cycle. At Obility, that’s our specialty. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing PPC program, or adding Paid Search to your current marketing efforts, you need a partner that understands B2B.

Grow & Expand Campaigns While Scaling Revenue Efficiently

Avoid the paid search plateau. Obility will help you continue to scale Paid Search campaigns while maintaining an ever-growing pipeline. We help our clients expand into international markets, new languages, and new keywords so revenue grows with spend. While marketing investment increases, our paid search team continues to increase the efficiency of existing campaigns while exploring and testing new campaigns.


Maximize Revenue-Generating
Keywords with Experimentation

Revenue attribution setup will identify the core terms driving the bulk of your revenue. Obility will then help you fully capitalize on those terms through testing and experimentation. Find the ads, offers, and landing page format to generate the largest pipeline.

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Learn from Leading B2B Organizations

With Obility, you can compare your paid search and display campaigns with thousands of B2B tech campaigns across multiple networks and regions. Discover what offers have historically been most effective in campaigns targeting different stages of the buying cycle, and build your campaigns on the successes of hundreds of similar companies.

Dedicated Vendor Support

Obility meets regularly with dedicated agency teams at Paid Search and display vendors. Our clients benefit from beta programs and case studies as well as vendor tech teams to address disapproved ads and tracking and billing issues. We also partner with vendors for co-presentations and custom solutions to help you get the most out of your vendor relationship

Here’s how we Generate Pipeline from Paid Search



Before we start, we go deep on keywords, ads, landing pages, & offers to review what is driving quality leads, pipeline, & revenue.


Effective, Compelling, Content

Use entertaining, educational content to gain awareness, build pipeline, and push sales-ready leads.


Attribute & Maximize

We track paid search and display touches in revenue systems, so you know exactly what’s driving revenue.


Test, &

Test multiple advertisements,
audiences, & offers.
Then optimize ads
to pipeline & revenue.

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Our B2B Paid Search Services


Target prospects as they actively search
for your solution.

Display & YouTube Ads

Build awareness with your ideal audience and stay top of mind at your top accounts

Retargeting /

Push quality leads further through the sales
funnel and closer to revenue.

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Content Creation

Use relevant, compelling, educational content to gain awareness, generate new leads, and ready existing leads.

Case Study

Enterprise lead volume increased 122% Cost per lead dropped 39% and conversion rate increased 44%