Our Pipeline-Growing, Revenue-Scaling, Award-Winning Team

Mike Nierengarten


Logan Bennett

Director of Paid Media

Emily Paxton

Director of Customer Success & Sales

Bryce Hanson

Senior SEO Manager

Cody McDaniel

Senior SEO Manager

John O’Toole

Director of Data & Revenue Operations

Joyce Collardé

Director of SEO and Content

Caleb Buzzas

Paid Search/Display Strategist & Execution Director

Roslyn Stapleton

Senior Data Analyst

Jeff Ashby

Senior Paid Search & Display Manager

Elise Lee

Senior Paid Search & Display Manager

MacKenzie Hawe

SEO Strategist & Execution Director

Thuy Tran

Paid Social Strategy & Execution Director

Cody Biggar

Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Kirstie Liu

Senior Paid Search & Display Manager

Briana Booth

Customer Success Supervisor

Brenda Mulder

People Success Manager

Coleen Jamison

Senior Business Development Manager

Robby Davis

Paid Social Supervisor

Jamie Belcher

SEO Supervisor

Lea Kreck

Customer Success Manager

Sarah Morris

Senior Customer Success Manager

Ellie Hayes

Senior Paid Social Manager

David Gamburd

Senior Customer Success Manager

Kevin Brown

Paid Search & Display Manager

Cooper Betts

Paid Search & Display Manager

Yvonne Tran

Senior SEO Manager

Alaa Mohamed

Paid Search & Display Coordinator

Aleisa Miller

Senior Customer Success Manager

Erin Mulder

Revenue Operations Analyst

Beckett Edwards

Senior Paid Search & Display Manager

Emma Schiedel

Customer Success Coordinator

Joseph McCrossan

SEO & Content Coordinator

Jordyn Wilson

Senior Customer Success Manager

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  • https://www.obilityb2b.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/positions-image2.png

    “We love working with Obility. We have worked with multiple SEM vendors, but Obility set themselves apart by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue. Any B2B company needing help with SEM should hire Obility.”

    Maria Pergolino, SVP Marketing
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    “For anyone looking for B2B help in SEM/SEO, I would highly recommend Obility. Their hard work and dedication to their clients show in the results every month. Their knowledge and expertise have been invaluable assets in our digital marketing toolbox.”

    Jean Philippe Rastrullo, Digital Marketing Manager
  • https://www.obilityb2b.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/positions-image1.png

    “We love working with Obility. In the past year alone, we’ve been able to double our SEM budget because of the performance gains we’ve seen with Obility. They are a true partner.”

    Patrick Chen, Marketing Operations