Embrace Your Revenue Targets

Revenue Attribution SaaS Marketers Can Trust

Confidence in your revenue data is critical to scaling your marketing budget effectively.. With more than a decade of experience tracking B2B digital marketing campaigns to revenue, Obility can ensure your systems are reporting data that you can act on.

From relatively short sales cycles of 30-90 days to longer sales cycles of 18 to 36 months, we have worked with hundreds of B2B tech companies to track campaigns in revenue systems. Our Data Team can configure a revenue attribution model your stakeholders will trust.

We love Obility. They set themselves apart
by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue
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Leading B2B Tech and SaaS Companies Rely on Obility

Generate More Efficient Revenue

With revenue attribution in place, our subject matter experts in paid search, paid social, and SEO will adjust and iterate campaigns based on pipeline and closed-won revenue. As we gather data and run tests, the team will maximize the campaigns driving the most efficient revenue. Over time, your digital marketing campaigns will generate more and more pipeline, allowing your company to reallocate budget back into marketing – creating even more revenue.

Bespoke Solutions for Your Team’s Needs

Whether you’re looking to customize an out-of-the-box product like Bizible or build a custom solution in Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, or your in-house CRM, our Data and Revenue Operations teams can configure a solution that meets your requirements.

For those companies looking for a recommendation on setting up their revenue attribution model, Obility has the Obility Way to Revenue Attribution, a time-tested approach to measuring revenue and crediting marketing campaigns that has helped B2B SaaS companies regularly increase their investment in digital marketing while continuing to drive more topline revenue and marketing ROI.

Business Intelligence for All the Business

Revenue comes from more than just digital marketing, and revenue impacts more than just the marketing department. Obility helps track all marketing campaigns and sales touches, and we help our clients visualize performance with easily shareable dashboards and reports. Whether you’re on the executive team or a marketing specialist, Obility’s dashboards will provide the insight you need to make investment decisions.

Multi-Touch Attribution in
Your Single Source of Truth

Obility helps you look beyond marketing attribution – leads and touches – to measure Marketing’s comprehensive contribution to revenue. We accomplish this by configuring the systems you use most to measure and report touches.

By understanding your complete buyers’ journey, and your unique tech stack, Obility will develop tried and true solutions to give you the insights to see all marketing touches in context with other messaging being delivered. These flexible solutions allow you us to build out attribution models that will give you the insight on how where to invest your marketing efforts to drive revenue efficiently and effectively.



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