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We know how B2B SEO works

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing SEO
program or adding SEO services to boost your current
marketing efforts, you need someone who understands
B2B Tech & SaaS. B2B is working with a smaller TAM
and longer sales cycles, along with a focus on driving
leads, and sophisticated solutions and buyers.

Reach more prospects, collect more MQLs, and drive
more revenue. At Obility, that’s our specialty.

We love Obility. They set themselves apart
by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue
Maria Pergolino
CMO, ActiveCampaign


Leading B2B Tech and SaaS Companies Rely on Obility

Drive Qualified Leads and Revenue

Our approach to B2B SEO focuses on impact, not volume. We help B2B companies
convert organic traffic to MQLs, pipeline and revenue. With more than 10 years’
experience as a B2B inbound marketing agency, Obility’s expertise at B2B SEO is
unparalleled. Connect your top search terms and landing pages to the quality leads
and accounts generating pipeline

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Attribution to Optimization

We aim to measure your meaningful and impactful goals, goals tied to specific actions, and track them all the way through to results. By structuring Goal Tracking from front-end form fills to marketing automation and CRMs:
We utilize analytics platforms to measure goals which have a direct impact on how a lead is evaluated. Form submissions and when we report on conversion rates, it is using form submissions and other lead scoring metrics.
Google Tag Manager is simple, specific, and scalable. We can use this to know what a prospect converted on and make these events the reference to our Analytics conversions
Our goal tracking is designed to illustrate an impact on lead scoring, and knowing what enabled this lead is critical to future success tracked through marketing automation platforms and CRMs.

A B2B SEO agency with a
Focus on Growth

SEO will adjust and iterate organic strategy based on pipeline and closed-won revenue. As we gather data and run tests, the team will maximize those strategies that drive the most efficient revenue. Over time, your SEO program will generate more and more pipeline, allowing your company to reallocate budget back into marketing – creating even more revenue.

Here’s how we make it happen…



Learn from History

Before we start, we go
deep on your current
keywords, identifying
growth opportunities



Align Around Growth Objectives


Together, we work
backward from your
growth goals to
determine needed
keyword and traffic
volume, content needs
& conversion rates.



& Maximize


We track & send
organic traffic
through to your
revenue systems, so
you know exactly
what’s driving revenue.



Test, Iterate


We deploy
strategies across
multiple focus areas,
optimizing and
scaling as we
generate revenue.

Case Study

Improvements to Juniper Networks Case Study Pages
Increased Engagement 2,785%

A B2B SEO Agency with Unlimited Bandwidth, Limitless Results

We offer a full suite of organic services to ensure your team can produce the best quality results


Drive more traffic & get improved results by digging deep into site architecture & optimizing.

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Perfecting SEO is only part of a robust traffic strategy. Your site needs links from other influential websites.

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Conversion Rate

Direct high-quality organic traffic exactly where you want them to go on your site.

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We help ensure the big risks are planned for before launching to reduce impact on rankings.

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B2B SEO that scales as you grow

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