• 88% of Obility employees feel comfortable talking about their background at Obility

Obility believes an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity results in a better organization. We are building a culture where a team with diverse ethnicity, age, gender identity, education, sexual orientation, physical ability, socioeconomic background, and perspective are valued. We celebrate a variety of approaches and points of view, and we work to develop and grow our team’s experience, expertise, and perspective.

In order to sustain diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Obility created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, whose mission is to intentionally foster a workplace environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and heard. The DEI Committee is passionate about designing, building, and nurturing a culture where inclusiveness is promoted and valued. Obility and the DEI Committee strive to create an accessible, supportive and empowering environment for our colleagues, clients, partners, and community. 

Obility at a Glance

The DEI Committee has headed a variety of initiatives to educate and promote diversity and inclusion at Obility:

What Obility team members say about us:

“Obility believes in having a fun and inclusive work environment. It can be hard to feel connected to the rest of the team while working remotely, but Obility has created a space where everyone bonds and feels welcomed. We have a birthday lunch every month to celebrate birthdays; we have fun team activities like wine tasting, craft making, taking tours of animal sanctuaries, and many more. The whole team bonds over memes, and more importantly, sharing cute pet pictures. Obility is one of the best places to work. The team cares for you as a person, and we love to have fun!”

Data team member

“Obility not only cares about the work that I do, but they care about my overall wellbeing, and acknowledges the things people value inside and outside the company.”

Paid social team member