Tie Online Campaigns to Revenue

Better understand marketing’s impact on sales.

Every aspect of an online campaign affects campaign performance. The ad copy, offer, targeted demographic, keyword, and channel all play a part in whether a visitor becomes a lead or immediately exits. To most effectively improve your online campaigns, you need to understand what is working and what is ineffective. The best way to accomplish this is to tie every aspect of a campaign to a lead and measure performance.

Obility can help you link your online marketing campaigns to your CRM or marketing automation platform and help you to track marketing’s contribution to sales. This will allow you to identify what channels and networks drive sales qualified leads most effectively. Obility can help you track and optimize all aspects of you online campaigns:

  • Ad platform & network
  • Campaign, ad group, & keyword/demographic
  • Region, offer, & ad extension
  • Landing page & ad ID

By simply amplifying efforts that are effective and tweaking poor performing campaigns, you can significantly improve your demand generation. With Obility, you will send higher quality sales leads to your sales team by better understanding how different offers, keywords, networks, etc. perform from a sales quality perspective.

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