• Mike Nierengarten

    Mike is the President/CEO of Obility and has been in online marketing since 2004. Mike is a numbers geek who feels more comfortable staring at Excel spreadsheets & AdWords Editor than sitting in lengthy meetings. Mike saw Obility as an opportunity to rethink SEM management and focus solely on the unique needs of B2B clients, and thus started the company in February of 2011. Mike enjoys board sports, exploring restaurants, and lively discussions about the economy. He is also a passionate traveler. His long-term goals focus on spurring economic growth and addressing inequality in the Portland community.

  • Susan Emerson

    Susan is Obility's Corporate Controller and has been with the company since October 2016. She has a passion for being outdoors, especially on a river fly fishing. "My friends and family are the best...so is Leo, my Corgi."

  • Noah Brimhall

    Noah Brimhall is Director of SEO & CRO at Obility where he leads a team of SEOs and helps clients through algorithm updates, structured data and delivers SEO strategies that drive lead acquisition. Prior to joining Oblity, Noah was SEO Manager at Hewlett-Packard, where he oversaw improvements in traffic from organic search. Like all Portlanders, in his spare time, Noah makes cider, gardens, cheers for the Timbers and rides his bike.

  • Ashley Kennedy

    Ashley is currently the Director of Paid Search & Display at Obility, where she is responsible for the management, support, and implementation of strategic programs that create interest and demand for our clients. She also works closely with her team to nurture their professional development and to expand their knowledge on new topics and trends in the industry.

  • Joel Rayden

    Joel Rayden is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Obility and began with us in November 2017. Since graduating from Harvard Business School, he has held leadership in marketing and sales for nearly 20 years. Having been a director and consultant mostly in California, he is excited to join our team here in Portland.

  • Leisa Hall

    Leisa Hall began at Obility as our Director of Customer Success in January of 2018. She has been a leader in digital marketing strategy and consulting, and a strong member of the Portland marketing community, for over 13 years. We're excited to have her join the team with her bountiful expertise in client service and growth.

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