• How to Exclude Employees from Seeing Online Ads

      ☑ Recommended Solution: Don’t   As a B2B marketing agency, we often get requests to exclude employees and other “internal traffic” from seeing ads online. Sure, we might be able to exclude employees by stringing together a list of IP addresses, or geo-fencing, or by using browser cookies, but none of these methods are […]

  • How to Dynamically Insert Campaign Names in Google Ads URL Parameters

    Obility builds custom data integrations to optimize ad campaigns based on sales data from CRM platforms. In most cases, we prefer to use ad platform IDs for more reliable syncing, but there are still cases where it is desirable to capture the campaign name and/or ad group name in a marketing automation or CRM platform. […]

  • Are You Still Calling Them eBooks?

    We’ve all been there. You’re finalizing an ebook for publication, and suddenly you realize you’re not sure if ebook is one word or two hyphenated words (e-book). Should the ‘e’ be capitalized when used in a title (Ebook or E-book) or should it always remain lowercase (eBook or e-Book)? Or is it E-Book? I set […]

  • Understanding Evergreen Paid Search Campaigns for B2B Marketers

    Obility is headquartered in the environmentally progressive city of Portland, Oregon.  Portland has a citywide program for planting trees along neighborhood streets that need them the most. Portland is willing to invest in this program because research shows that trees provide many benefits in addition to their aesthetic beauty. A single evergreen street tree can […]