• Why Language Matters to Organizational Culture

    “Remove all the references to ‘employee’ in your slides and change to ‘team member.” That was the message I received a few years ago from Obility’s founder and President, Mike Nierengarten while preparing for a quarterly all-staff meeting. It seemed like a small change and so I updated my slides without giving it much thought.  […]

  • How Marketing Teams Can Shift their Budgets from Events to Digital in the time of Coronavirus

    Everyone knows that event marketing makes up a significant amount of the marketing budget for most B2B companies, at least 21% according to a 2018 study from Bizaboo. But in recent weeks with the emergence of the Covid-19 coronavirus, 19 major events (and counting) have been canceled. While some of the cost of hosting, sponsoring, […]

  • How to develop a Large-Scale or Enterprise SEO Strategy

    What is Large-Scale & Enterprise SEO? Large-scale SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to sites with a large amount of content through organic search engine results. While large-scale SEO is often synonymous with enterprise SEO, enterprise SEO is more specifically the practice of SEO in a large or established […]

  • How Apple is Changing Mobile Search

    Apple’s Mobile Search Play The rise of mobile search shouldn’t come as a surprise. What might be a surprise is that Google’s not the only one influencing the way we search on our iPhones. In the nearly 11 years since the iPhone was released and we started using Safari on our phones, Apple has been […]

  • How Product Marketing & SEO Can Work Together

      I want to tell you a love story. This story is about how your Product Marketing team loves your SEO team and the SEO team loves them right back. Your product marketing team gets along great with your SEO team and they never have contradictory recommendations. Product launches come off swimmingly and on time. […]

  • How worried should SEOs be about Google’s new SERP?

    By now you’ve no doubt heard the news and seen the results of Google’s major change to its search engine result page (SERP). You may be running around like Chicken Little (but we wouldn’t recommend that). If you are an advertiser, you might see this as an opportunity, or you might just be thinking about […]