• How worried should SEOs be about Google’s new SERP?

    By now you’ve no doubt heard the news and seen the results of Google’s major change to its search engine result page (SERP). You may be running around like Chicken Little (but we wouldn’t recommend that). If you are an advertiser, you might see this as an opportunity, or you might just be thinking about […]

  • Google’s SERP Changes: Maintaining PPC Performance in the B2B Landscape

    On February 19th, SearchEngineLand confirmed Google will stop showing right-hand column paid search ads. In addition, they are going to sometimes show up to four paid ads in the top section of the SERP. Although this announcement comes as a shock to many advertisers, it’s not altogether surprising given Google’s public acknowledgement of moving toward […]

  • Google Removes the Right-Rail Ads | The Greatest LP Test of all Time?

    I’m not going to lie, I’m getting tired of hearing about the removal of the right-side (right-rail) ads from the Google SERP – mostly because I’m not that concerned and I think this is a positive change that will benefit both Googlers [searchers] and advertisers alike. Going straight to the source, a quick Google search […]