• How to Generate Cost-Effective Service Leads for B2B

    There is a common misconception of lead-opportunities in B2B requiring heavy investments and deep pockets. This is especially so when you compare your company’s lead nurturing strategies to other competitors who may be convinced of the same. But do not be fooled – there are many solutions and considerations that are budget friendly and equally […]

  • Expanded Text Ads – A Signal Alphabet Plans to Acquire Twitter?

    In July, Google increased the length of their text ads to 140 characters, a number seemingly synonymous with Twitter. While Twitter’s 140 limit stems from an obscure typewriter experiment by Friedhelm Hillebrand, Google’s choice in character count is suspect. Why choose 140 characters as opposed to, say, the 160 characters the German initially suggested and […]

  • Agency v Consultant v In-House

    Taking an Agency Engagement In-House Agency vs in-house discussions have recently resurfaced after Uber successfully re-branded using an in-house design team. Like creative agencies, we work with clients who consider taking lead gen programs fully in-house. Clients weigh managing their paid search, paid social, SEO, and content syndication programs under their own roof. In theory, […]

  • Is Lyft Cheaper Than a New Car?

    The world is moving toward autonomous driving. It is not a matter of if but when. Soon enough one of the greatest status symbols of Americana, what car you own, will be replaced by what car service you use. GM understands this to the tune of $500 million. Obama understands this suggesting a $4 billion […]