B2B Media Buying

Generate New Leads and Opportunities with B2B Media Buying

Media buying should go beyond the number of impressions or targeting a specific audience. Building and measuring awareness is essential, but B2B media buying can also be a lead generation vehicle. Advertisers can use utilize compelling, informational content and media buying to drive new leads. Whether through sponsored newsletters, emails or webinars or display buys, media buying campaigns can successfully create demand for existing prospects, build awareness, or generate leads.

Measuring Media Buying Success

Obility’s media buying services focus on identifying media placement opportunities to increase share of voice, generate qualified leads, and reach your target buyers. Obility ensures all media buys can be attributed to revenue and all tracking parameters are in place. This allows us to look at ROI of lead generation media buying campaigns. Obility also measures brand lift to determine brand awareness performance and sales cycle length to determine how media buying helps close deals. Overall, we are able to gauge the success of B2B media buying and determine what channels to continue to pursue and provide leverage in negotiating new rates for ineffective channels.