Persona Targeting

Target Your Buyer Personas

While buyer personas provide companies a better, humanized understanding of their customers, persona use should not be confined to content creation, sales, and product configuration. Buyer personas should also drive your online marketing efforts. Social advertising has continued to improve their targeting options, giving you more opportunities to reach your target buyer. Similarly, media buying and behavioral targeting are becoming ever more granular, allowing marketers to reach individuals most likely to purchase. Now is the time to focus your marketing efforts on your target buyer and create segmented, tightly targeted campaigns.

Persona Targeting Drives High Quality Leads That Close

Obility’s persona targeting service gives you the ability to target individuals similar to existing buyers and prospects. Target your top job titles and roles. Target technology your typical buyer uses or publications they typically read. Reach your target customers by targeting competitor customers or prospects. Obility’s persona targeting service provides a custom approach to reaching your specific buyer. We review your existing buyer personas, sales database, and competitors to create campaigns specific to individuals who buy your product or solution.