SEO Content Creation

Address SEO Content Gaps and Increase Organic Traffic

Web pages rank for target terms because they provide content relevant to a user’s search query. Your site needs to include content that targets your top keywords. Each page should be tightly targeted as it becomes more difficult for one page to rank for multiple terms. Often sites have content gaps where there is not a clear page targeting an SEO keyword. Addressing these content gaps is key to expanding the number of keywords driving organic traffic to your site. Obility will work with you to review keyword research and existing SEO pages and identify where new content needs to be created.

Generate Leads with New SEO Content

Obility can create content that is relevant to target keywords and compelling to your target buyer. We can help prioritize content to create first and identify which content will have the greatest impact on organic traffic and will generate the most new leads. Obility will utilize competitive intelligence, your historical organic and paid search performance, and keyword analysis to determine what content is most likely to drive new leads and opportunities. Our team will then create new content or repurpose existing content to build out new SEO pages.