• Start Making Data Driven Decisions Today

    With an ever expanding suite of marketing technology producing more and more information and insight into buyer behavior, big data is definitely here to stay. It takes time and effort to analyze your data and to let it lead your program decisions, however, the perception of what it takes is inflated and the consequences of […]

  • Overcoming The Big Data Dilemma

    Marketers have been focused on the notion of big data for several years now. Many are drowning in data, and finding valuable insights feels more impossible than a needle in a haystack. Too often they have so much “big” data that none is being acted upon—and decisions are left up to gut feelings and guesswork. […]

  • Using Data to Achieve Relevance

    A quick search for “choosing an audience” will return thousands of results aimed at helping marketers move away from “send everything to everyone” and into the hopeful new world of relevance. It’s clear that today’s marketers have no shortage of tips and tricks for creating messaging with a specific group of people in mind. However, […]

  • Using Context to Achieve Marketing Excellence

    As marketers, we are all aiming to create personalized campaigns. But often the wealth of data and tools at our disposal—along with the array of campaigns and programs we are attempting to manage—make this goal seem harder to reach than it really is. True marketing excellence comes from a prune and simplify approach, and it […]

  • How to Develop a Modern Marketing Plan

    Create a marketing plan and track, leverage and experiment your way to success. As we enter a new year, many CMOs and marketing leaders are finalizing their marketing plans and determining what they need to spend. But statistics show that few will provide details of expected results and even fewer will use this plan to […]

  • 3 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

    Practical ways to ensure that your effort results in increased traffic. There are somewhere around 152 million blogs according to Harvard Business Review. That’s a lot of competition for your blog and with b2b blogging steadily increasing, it’s only going to get more difficult to get attention.   You may be wondering why your company […]