• Digital Marketing Trends – May 2018

    This spring some important changes are rolling out in our search universe. These changes are few, but they do affect how we all do business.   Google Mobile First Indexing Summary: In April, Google started their first round of mobile first indexing. This means that they are indexing the mobile version of your website first vs […]

  • Obility Digital Trends – September 2017

    September closes out Q3 for most B2B companies which gets us thinking about our goals for Q4 and ultimately 2018. With B2B marketing consistently changing due to new technology, we want to start you off with an article from LinkedIn to inspire your 2018 goal planning.    B2B Marketing Trends 7 Key Trends Determining the […]

  • Your Urban Adventure to SearchFest 2016

    Welcome to Portland, Oregon! You’ve heard all about the food scene and culture here, but you’re wondering how to acquaint yourself with it.  Take advice from this Portland native, also known as a NW unicorn, as to where to go to fully immerse yourself in our weird city. Since you’re here for SearchFest, these places […]