• Decreased job seeker form fills by 18%
  • Earned over 2,300% return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Drove over $2.5 Million in Revenue to date, with $86.3 Million in the Opportunity Pipeline

The Challenge

ABM was paying for job seekers clicking on their paid search ads. Too many of ABM’s leads came from individuals looking for work who clicked on a paid search ad after searching for ABM’s brand. ABM needed to increase lead quality and eliminate poor quality leads in several areas including Facility Engineering & Maintenance, Janitorial, Parking and Security.

The Solution

Obility presented a series of strategy documents that reviewed historical performance and identified where poor quality leads resonated. Obility then spent several weeks building out the account  with a focus on lead quality. From new keywords to landing pages with a bailout call to action, Obility and ABM worked together to discourage job seekers. Obility focused on helping ABM improve their lead quality. ABM was going through big changes internally such as adding new service lines and they needed a more focused approach – an approach that targeted facilities managers directly and avoided job seekers. Obility worked with ABM following tactics to improve lead quality:

  • Strict keyword targeting
  • Sitelinks that qualified visitors
  • Keyword expansion to lower funnel keywords (e.g. RFP terms)
  • Negatively targeted over job search keyword phrases
  • Fined tuned ad text messaging to better qualify visitors
  • Ad Testing
  • Landing Page Testing

The Results