• Within the first month and a half, the CPA in the general U.S. campaign dropped by 25%
  • In month two of the test, clicks increased by over 110% MoM on our U.S. campaign ads
  • After a month of running the California campaign, we also saw a CPA drop of 25% MoM

The Challenge

Apttus was blanket targeting the entire U.S. with a “Win A Trip” campaign on Facebook for its conference in the Bay Area. Obility, during our day-to-day campaign optimization, noticed that California was driving the largest amount of conversions but also had a much higher CPA than all other states being targeted. Since it was the highest conversion generator and people from other areas of California (given it’s size) would still want to win a trip to the conference, excluding California all together was a no-go in terms of audience targeting.

Obility needed to decrease the CPA for the Win a Trip campaign, while still reaching Californians with Apttus Accelerate event promotions. All the while, being able to push more funds towards the areas that are generating the most conversions for them and potentially bring down the CPA in California.


The Solution

  • Break out two identical campaigns for Accelerate Win A Trip
  • Have one audience target just California, minus the Bay Area
  • Keep the other audience targeting the rest of the United States, minus California
  • Adjust budgets to allocate more spend to California region than it was getting previously
  • Pull back budget in the rest of U.S. Campaign slightly to be within budget


The Results

Once the recommended changes were implemented, Apttus began to see significant improvement almost immediately. Within the first month and a half, the Cost/Conversion in the general U.S. Campaign dropped by 25% and with more budget to reach other parts of the U.S. in month two of the test, clicks increased by over 110% MoM.

In addition, being able to target California on its own allowed Obility to optimize that region as well. After a month of running the higher CPA California campaign, we also saw a Cost/Conversion drop of 25% MoM which remained relatively steady until a month later when the conference was approaching and the campaigns were retired.


About Apttus

“Apttus offers complete automation of revenue operations from beginning to end, successfully transforming the Quote-to-Cash process for some of the largest and most complex businesses around the globe. As 600+ customers and 1 million+ users worldwide can attest, Apttus is the largest, most experienced and capable Quote-to-Cash solution provider, and has been committed to innovation and evolution throughout its long history.”- Apttus

Apttus provides Quote-to-Cash solutions, including Configure-Price-Quote, Contract Management, E-Commerce, and Revenue Management to align and drive revenue winning behaviors across sales channels. In addition, they also provide Apttus’ X-Author solution meant to increase adoption of these tools across organizations by allowing Microsoft Word and Excel to function as user interfaces.


About Obility

We have one purpose: help B2B companies generate demand and increase revenue through online marketing.

Located in Portland, Oregon and founded in early 2011, we’re a fast-growing agency with a global client base ranging from early stage start-ups to multinational enterprises. Our focus is on B2B companies and we’re proud that our growth has been due primarily to client referrals.

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    “We love working with Obility. We have worked with multiple SEM vendors, but Obility set themselves apart by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue. Any B2B company needing help with SEM should hire Obility.”

    Maria Pergolino, SVP Marketing
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    “For anyone looking for B2B help in SEM/SEO, I would highly recommend Obility. Their hard work and dedication to their clients show in the results every month. Their knowledge and expertise have been invaluable assets in our digital marketing toolbox.”

    Jean Philippe Rastrullo, Digital Marketing Manager
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    “We love working with Obility. In the past year alone, we’ve been able to double our SEM budget because of the performance gains we’ve seen with Obility. They are a true partner.”

    Patrick Chen, Marketing Operations