This partner came to Obility with a vision for an adaptable lead nurturing program that would improve lead qualification and could be expanded globally. To bring this vision to life, Obility developed a series of synergistic email nurture program templates, dynamic audiences, and accompanying program-specific scoring, all of which it utilized to satisfy their partner’s needs for a scalable, global nurture program.

Obility’s lead nurturing program has been deployed to EMEA and APAC regions, and is now being scaled to cover its other product lines.

The Challenge

When Obility and this medical devices company started working together, they had a basic nurture program in place and were looking for a more in-depth program that would help them profile users and make sure they were on the right nurture track. Once the contacts were on the right nurture track, Obility and their partner could nurture them based on their persona, build their lead score, and turn them into qualified leads.

This process was specifically designed for the North America, Life Sciences nurture track and broken down by funnel stages, and made scalable so it could be applied to other business areas and to different regions.


The Solution

Obility took the initial lead nurturing vision and turned it into a scalable and flexible nurture flow that included 22 unique emails and 36 unique email paths, as well as a brand new scoring logic.

Every time a user would open an email and click on a link, they would score up and when they reached the predetermined thresholds, they would be requalified, then moved to a different stage in the funnel. Users who filled a form and selected one of the designated Contact Type Roles were moved into the nurture so they could be retargeted by the sales team once they became a qualified lead. Users who did not open an email and click on links were either moved to a different track of the nurture program or removed from the lead nurturing program entirely, as they were not considered qualified leads.

Obility worked closely with its partner throughout the building and updating process: after each new email the company created and sent, Obility created logic that checked users scores and updated them based on their actions (opening the email, clicking on a link, filling out a form, unsubscribe, etc.) to make sure the lead nurture system was always up-to-date and users were in the proper track and funnel location.

In addition to building the lead nurture program, Obility supported the review and clean up on the existing segmentation lists and created scoring attribution. Users who had already filled a form were added to the exclusion list and users who were on multiple tracks were reviewed and placed in the most appropriate track.


The Results

A year after the start of this lead nurture program, Obility’s nurture program has above 50,000 dynamically enrolled users and is ready to scale out to EMEA and APAC for Life Sciences, and Obility is currently building out a similar lead nurturing program for the company other business areas. Obility’s lead nurturing program is set up to dynamically target qualified leads and not over-include cold leads.

Obility’s lead nurturing program is above all evergreen: it’s easy to update the emails, easy to keep up-to-date, and easy to replicate.


About Obility

Obility is a B2B digital marketing company with a core in revenue operations. We help B2B companies improve lead quality and increase pipeline through paid search, paid social, and SEO campaigns. Based in Portland, Oregon, we’re a fast-growing agency with a global client base ranging from early-stage start-ups to multinational enterprises.