• Impressions increased 463% in six months
  • Clicks increased 712% in six months
  • All keyword targets rank within top 25 results

The Challenge

This cloud-based communication and collaboration services provider has been working diligently to bring more awareness to their blogs and bring relevant visitors and target this audience in the middle of the funnel. Their blog library is so massive that sometimes duplicate content is an issue and all related topics are not linked to other relevant pages.

The Solution

Obility and this cloud-based communication provider worked together to create a library of resources that could bring in new and middle-of-the-funnel leads based off of “Effective communication” keywords. This expanded the type of keywords that were currently being targeted and included solution-based keywords rather than just product-focused keywords to reach broader, but still relevant, visitors. To create the library of resources a pillar page strategy was created, focusing on topics rather than specific keywords. In addition, it aimed to show the power that can be had when we create a small resource-like library for users and Google to dive deeper into. It also showed the power of basic optimizing, really targeting the keywords in titles and meta, as well as taking into account what we are seeing on the SERP.

How We Did It

Obility provided a variety of topics after performing new keyword research based on current rankings and published content in addition to a competitor gap analysis. Obility’s client decided on the topic “Effective Communication in the Workplace” so that we could focus more on the broader mid-funnel solution approach. Obility then finalized the list of keywords and relevant content already living on the client’s site. From there, we determined what new pages were needed. After evaluating the SERP in detail for each keyword, we determined which optimizations needed to be made in order to better rank for these terms and move users down the pipeline. Implementation of the project was finished in early March.

The Results

Obility created a pillar page strategy revolving around “Effective Communication in the Workplace”. In the 6 months since that strategy has launched, clicks have increased by 711.9%, with 973 clicks in March and 7.9K in September. Impressions have also improved by 463%. All keywords targeted now rank within the top 25 results.

About Our Client

Together, we’re building the world’s most trusted business communications platform that frees people to connect and do their best work from just about anywhere.

From click-to-dial functionality to one-click video conferencing, everyone readily accesses the same must-have digital tools through a single, easy-to-use platform that seamlessly works across office sites and mobile devices. Setup, deployment, and adoption is also easy and IT can manage it all from anywhere.

About Obility

We have one purpose: to help B2B companies generate demand and increase revenue through online marketing. Located in Portland, Oregon, and founded in early 2011, we’re a fast-growing agency with a global client base ranging from early-stage start-ups to multinational enterprises. Our focus is on B2B companies and we’re proud that our growth has been due primarily to client referrals.