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B2B Marketing Guide to Competitor Targeting

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Targeting Your Competitors

Reach Your Competitors’ Customers and Prospects Online

Existing customers of your competitors are great potential prospects. They have already been sold on the need for a solution similar to your offering and are likely pre-qualified because they can afford your competitors’ product. Competitors’ prospects also make good targets because they are likely in the solution search stage and are actively seeking for a product like yours. The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Targeting Competitors will help you:

  • Utilize search, social, & retargeting to reach competitors’ customers
  • Take advantage of your competitors’ branding
  • Quickly identify high qualified leads

The guide identifies over a dozen tactics to reach your competitors’ customers and prospects. Follow the simple outlined strategies to start marketing to your competitors’ customers today. Simply fill out the form to download the free guide to competitor targeting.