Advertising Retargeting for B2B Tech & SaaS

Turn Visitors Into Prospects Into Pipeline

Retargeting is the killer digital advertising tool for B2B companies. With long buying cycles and greater need for nurturing, retargeting is there for critical lead nurturing and pipeline-building support. A platform-agnostic approach allows B2B brands to reach ICPs where they are – an important consideration when audience sizes are small, but each account is highly prized.
We love Obility. They set themselves apart
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Leading B2B Tech and SaaS Companies Rely on Obility

An Audience-First Approach

Effective retargeting strategies always start with strong audience segmentation. An audience-first approach requires an understanding of the B2B customer journey, your specific buying cycle, and a highly-coordinated ad strategy across platforms and ad creative types.

Targeting Up-and-Down The Funnel

Retargeting requires matching audiences with appropriate content, across the full sales cycle. This means utilizing top-of-funnel content and offers, as well as Demo Requests, Contact forms and more bottom-of-funnel offers to drive engagement. We match appropriate ad types and ad content with those offers and landing pages to create experiences that move prospects through the buying cycle, at their pace.

All Relevant Digital Platforms

We strategize, build and optimize winning campaigns in all of the major B2B ad platforms – Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. We also extend clients’ digital footprint and reach through more niche platforms like AdRoll, Terminus, Reddit, and Quora. From broad “all website visitor” lists to CRM retargeting, Obility targets the entire funnel to turn visitors into prospects into pipeline.