Link Building for B2B SEO

Acquire Links to Drive More Traffic & Get Better Results

The goal of link building is to have influential websites link to YOUR website so that Search engine algorithms take into account links to your pages. These links are seen as a “vote” for your site especially when you focus on quality and relevance over quantity.

Avoid Link Building Gone Wrong 

Years ago, a large number of inbound links with targeted anchor text was all that you needed to rank for any of your keywords. Search engines increased the complexity of their algorithms and began penalizing these sites. Obility can help by developing a strategic method of acquiring valuable links.

How We Ensure a Good Backlink Profile


Link Destination

  • When sites naturally link to each other they tend to link to the homepage
  • Creating valuable content wll help earn links to deep pages

Site Quality (EAT)

  • Build links from sites that display the qualities of Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy (EAT), a large part of Google’s Search Quality Rated Guidelines


  • Links that are from topically relevant sites are more valuable than links from irrelevant sources (think sites that talk about your subjects regularly)

Anchor Text

  • The clickable text in a hyperlink, helps communicate to Google what your page is about
  • Link building can help increase targeted and mixed anchor text

Follow vs. Nofollow

  • The nofollow attribute (rel=”nofollow”) is a way to link but remove the “vote”
  • Follow links pass on link equity and are preferred, but a healthy backlink profile has a mix of both

Our Link Building Solutions


Link Target Identification

  • Identifying valuable publications that your PR team can reach out to
  • Reporting on easy-to-acquire links such as broken backlinks and unlinked mentions
  • Evaluate externally linked to pages to create internal linking strategy to pass on value

Competitor Analysis

  • Auditing competitors’ backlink profiles
  • Identifying backlink gaps

B2B SEO that scales as you grow

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