B2B Paid Search & Display

Unlock the Potential of B2B Paid Search Campaigns

A strong paid search strategy is multi-faceted, including prospect-driven keyword research, better than best ad copy and more to engage the right people with what they need.

Our paid search services include:

  • Assessing and improving your PPC strategy, or building a quality PPC strategy from scratch according to your company’s goals
  • Researching keywords that drive quality leads throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Developing and running ad campaigns that deliver the most qualified leads per impression
  • Creating landing pages with high prospect conversion rates
  • Ongoing campaign testing, reporting, and optimizing

To run a high-performing paid search or AdWords B2B campaign, you need to target potential buyers at all stages of the sales cycle. We specialize in campaigns that attract, nurture, and convert potential leads for B2B companies.

Benefits of our B2B PPC Solutions

  • Brand Awareness – Paid search makes it easier to craft your brand messaging which generally have significantly different objectives than lead nurturing campaigns and should not be measure to the same KPIs
  • Level the playing field with competitors – targeting competitors and similar terms
  • Meet cost per opportunity targets
  • Increase quality of leads by targeting buyer personas (i.e. project managers and marketing titles) in target verticals (e.g. B2B)
  • Optimize performance to Corporate and Enterprise SALs
  • Allocate budget to top performing campaigns
  • Track performance in marketing automation & attribution software and customer relationship management software
  • More efficiently utilize existing media spend
  • Saturate core campaigns
  • Increase sales velocity of existing lead database
  • Drive qualified leads from search
    • Paid search program to leverage intent
    • Content Strategy featuring highly relevant content throughout buyer’s cycle (content gap analysis)
    • Optimize to opportunity and opportunity size

Case Study

Apttus Increased Engagement 110% While CPA Dropped 25%

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Increased PPC Leads by 1,000 Percent New

When you’re starting from scratch, the opportunities for SEO and paid search can seem endless—and overwhelming. Obility worked with Gainsight to identify content needs throughout the sales cycle, seeking to maintain keyword-ad-offer relevancy. After building and testing the new pages, Gainsight saw leads increase by 1,000 percent and monthly conversion rates improve by 87 percent. See how we did it.

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