You’re taking a big risk with your search engine rankings when launching a new website. Any changes to your URL, site architecture, content management system, design, or content itself can have a significant impact on your rankings. All of these should be considered well before launching your site—ideally, they should be considered as soon as you start planning the launch. Addressing SEO post-launch can incur costly developer time.


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New Site Launch an Opportunity for SEO

When it’s time to update your site or launch an entirely new one, we’ll help you address every aspect of on-site SEO—from technical concerns to every piece of content—and assess SEO impact throughout the design and development process. We examine every page to see where there’s opportunity to improve and update the content to either better target your current keywords or start targeting higher-performing keywords. Once the site is launched, we’ll track and benchmark its performance and make sure it’s reaching targets and helping you meet your revenue goals.

Initial New Site Preparation

What is working well on the current site?

Even with a new site on the horizon, maintaining, or re-purposing successes from the current site is important. This could be performing well in certain user engagement metrics (time on page, page/session, bounce rate), keyword rankings for a specific page or conversion rate. Minding these, and not abandoning what is working well will help the new site’s performance.

Site-wide Challenges

In many cases, there are certain architectural issues that can prevent your ideal site, especially when it comes to optimizing for search engines. Addressing these issues should be a priority upon the new site. In other cases, there could be a technical issue that plagues many of the pages on the site such as canonicalization, ahref lang tags or simply old infrastructure preventing best practices.

Our new site launch preparation services include:

  1. SEO Best Practices and New Site Launch Checklist

Before new content is created and the design has been finalized, there are best practices that will ensure that SEO is a focus on the new site and maintains and improves upon the current site.

  1. Page Migration Analysis

A look at all current pages and their value through organic visits, conversions, engagement metrics, keywords they’re ranking for, and incoming links.

  1. Detailed Site Mapping

Building out the new page sitemap and connecting the equivalent page on the current site for 301 redirect setup.

  1. New Site Page Review

Reviewing all new site pages with an emphasis on SEO best practices and optimization.

  1. Site Launch Audit

Benchmarking metrics prior to the new-site launch for comparison to post-launch. Errors will be cataloged with recommended solutions.

  • Ensuring your site does not lose any current rankings by addressing URL redirects, XML sitemap updates, and indexing site architecture
  • Identifying new opportunities to improve rankings, such as international targeting
  • Optimizing your site for mobile
  • Updating existing content or creating new content

With a complete site launch plan, you’ll be able to take advantage of the updated design, development, and content creation efforts to attract more and better organic traffic and leads.


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Featured Case Study

Increased SEO Traffic with New Site Launch

Aerospike was launching a new website with new content, plus a new domain name, and didn’t want to lose traffic from those searching for their old brand. Obility created a complete SEO transition plan for the domain transfer and developed a comprehensive on-site and off-site SEO strategy for the new site. Just two months after the launch, Aerospike saw the value of their non-branded search traffic increase by 150 percent.

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