YouTube Advertising for B2B Tech & SaaS

Get Your Brand in Front of A Whole New Network

B2B YouTube advertising is a unique alternative to regular display advertising, offering focused, granular targeting opportunities at the top and bottom of the sales funnel.

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Reach a new, more targeted audience with B2B YouTube advertising

While YouTube advertising is a form of display advertising, it offers a significant advantage in both reach and focus.

YouTube is a self-contained network, which means you can reach a whole new set of leads – some of whom may never see your advertising efforts in the broader display network.

Additionally, because YouTube is a Google property, you can be more specific and narrow with your audience definition. While the regular display network relies on multiple 3rd party sites, YouTube is all ‘in-house,’ allowing for more reliable and granular targeting.

Creating video ads is easier than you think

One of the main barriers that keep companies from advertising on YouTube is creating video ad content. But the truth is, making video ads for YouTube is not as complicated or involved as you might imagine.

A simple way to create a ‘minimum viable’ advertisement to display on YouTube is to take an existing slide deck and turn it into a 15-second slideshow, which you can then narrate with a voice-over or set to music.

If the visuals in your slides are compelling enough, targeted viewers are likely to stay tuned to see what comes next. Once you gain moderate success with this ad, we can decide together whether or not it’s worth investing in a more professional iteration.

Good coverage of the entire sales spectrum

Like display advertising, B2B YouTube advertising can help you build brand awareness at the top of the funnel and roll out entry-level offers at the bottom of the funnel.

Being able to so accurately target people on YouTube means you are more likely to be showing your ads to people who will appreciate your brand. This makes it an ideal way to reach new people and make them aware of who you are and what you do.

On the other hand, this hyper-granular targeting also means that you can more effectively retarget people who have visited your properties or consumed your content. By meeting these prospects when they are in an exploratory frame of mind, as many are when consuming video content, you are perfectly positioned to turn them into leads or revenue-driving customers.

You need a partner that understands B2B YouTube Advertising?

The trick to doing B2B YouTube advertising right is understanding how to make and target audiences. In particular, the real advantage comes in working with an intent audience, which can be built in the regular display network, but better leveraged on YouTube, where you can target people who have searched for a particular keyword on any Google property.

Working with Obility’s highly experienced B2B YouTube advertising team allows you to avoid making beginner’s mistakes and leaving money and opportunities on the table.

We apply our vast and growing knowledge of regular display and YouTube advertising to your ads, ensuring you get the best ROI for your budget.

What would lower qualified lead costs mean for you?

Top of funnel YouTube advertising lets you reach a new set of potential leads, making for better prospecting and allowing you to nurture more high-quality leads through the sales cycle.

Bottom of funnel YouTube advertising is a highly targeted way to stay top of mind with prospects who have already engaged with your brand, improving conversions and retention.

Obility’s B2B YouTube advertising services will help you:

  • Create complete YouTube strategies and campaigns, including:
    • Targeting
    • Budgets
    • Content recommendations
  • Manage and optimize your YouTube campaigns
  • Report on campaign progress
  • Set up full ROI tracking
  • Connect campaigns to your marketing automation or lead management systems
  • Optimize your post-click results
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