• Digital Summit Portland | Top 3 Takeaways

    The Digital Summit marketing conference series came to Portland, OR July 13-14, 2016. This was an opportunity for the Obility team to learn and brainstorm about ways to elevate our clients’ digital marketing strategies. Key themes included content marketing, user experience, email marketing, landing page optimization, video, and search engine optimization. Here are my top […]

  • Competitor Campaigns Crush It

    Massively Higher Conversion Rate Obility recently compared client campaign performance versus the industry benchmark for B2B companies. In no surprise, Obility clients’ campaigns significantly outperform standard B2B paid search campaigns. But, not all campaigns are the same. Obility intentionally separates and categorizes campaigns as part of its TACO strategy. In this post, we dig into […]

  • Top 10 SEO Quick Wins for Any Website

    Not all SEO-projects are resource-heavy and time-consuming optimizations. Sometimes small SEO quick wins can have a big impact! Move Away from PDFs. PDFs are often full of valuable information for users and a great source of content for search engines. However, PDFs are not ideal for SEO. PDFs are often a dead end, meaning users might […]