• How to Conduct B2B Keyword Research

      Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy and should be one of the first, if not the first document you work on. In this guide, we will review the B2B keyword research process, discuss tips and tricks to make your keyword research more efficient, and review tools that will help you along […]

  • How to Efficiently Solve for Duplicate Content

    The majority of websites are dealing with duplicate content issues and too often I see recommendations such as “add unique content”. But what do you do when you have hundreds or thousands of duplicate or thin content issues? Let’s talk about efficiently addressing duplicate content errors, from bulk fixes to nitty-gritty solutions. I like to […]

  • Moz Webinar – SEO Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

    A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to host a webinar about B2B SEO lead generation with Moz. During this webinar, I reviewed what makes SEO for B2B different, how to set up realistic B2B SEO goals, how to conduct keyword research for B2B businesses and create B2B-specific content, and finally, how to identify […]

  • How to Use Heatmap Tools to Improve User Experience

      Heatmap tools such as HotJar and Crazy Egg are visualization tools that allow you to have a better understanding of how users interact with your website.  Analytics tools already provide information on page traffic and conversions, but heatmaps give you more visual data and a better understanding of the roadblocks that exist on your […]

  • Five Tips to Keep Google Tag Manager Organized

    If you read my last blog about Global Site Tag and Google Tag Manager you know I’m a huge GTM fan. My only gripe with GTM is that it can get a little messy, especially if you have multiple people creating tags and doing testing.  A messy GTM instance can cause conflicting issues between new […]

  • How to Choose Between Google Tag Manager and Global Site Tag

      I. What are Global Site Tag and Google Tag Manager?   Global Site Tag (Gtag.js) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) are both tag management systems that support the deployment of other Google tags and allows you to track events taking place on your website.  Both systems are free and can integrate with other Google […]