• Why Google Is Rewriting Title Tags

    In August of 2021, SEO’s everywhere were sent into a panic as they noticed Google had rewritten title tags for pages in some search results. Google had seemingly taken these pages H1 tag and used them as the title.   Google has been busy this summer when it comes to core algorithm updates. Between the […]

  • B2B SEO Tips for Site Migration

        Migrating to a new site can be stressful, especially for a B2B  company’s SEO team who has put an insurmountable amount of effort into building domain authority, ranking for keywords and developing great content. B2B spends weeks and even months cultivating a relationship with a customer until they are ready to buy. Disrupting […]

  • Why You Should Invest in SEO During the Pandemic

    As companies scramble to cut costs amidst the impending recession due to COVID-19, many businesses find their marketing budget on the chopping block. However, investing in your SEO strategy during this pandemic could be beneficial to both your organization and your prospects. If you choose to slice your marketing budget, affecting SEO, then you will […]

  • YouTube SEO | How to Optimize YouTube Videos

      You have spent hours shooting, editing and perfecting your video. You upload it to YouTube and the thousands of views you anticipated do not even come close. What went wrong? SEO for blogs and websites is integral in getting page views, but did you know the same is true for your video content? YouTube […]