• Bing Ads Goes B2B

    Since Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition, B2B marketers have been waiting patiently to be able to leverage LinkedIn’s company and user data on Bing Ads, and the time has finally come. Bing Ads just announced they will now offer updated “user-based’ targeting options that we can layer into campaigns, allowing us to bid higher on high value […]

  • AdWords Responsive Ads On Display | Get More For Less

    TL: DR – Launch responsive display banners over standard/static image ads because they’re cheaper, more effective and are higher in volume Responsive banners drive lower cost conversions than standard banners Responsive banners drive more conversions than standard banners Responsive banners allow for more agile testing due to volume Responsive banners are more affordable than standard […]

  • Stop Making Excuses & Eliminate Click-Fraud for Good | 4 Easy Steps

    What Happened? Last month, BuzzFeed news shared some scary findings for digital marketers around the globe. Their research revealed that some of the world’s most influential brands’ websites have fallen victim to large-scale digital fraud. Including this incident, JPMorgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau’s predictions for this year’s total loss to ad fraud are $16.4 billion, which is […]

  • Shorten That Sales Cycle Using Gmail Ads | B2B Secrets

  • Shorten That Sales Cycle Using Gmail Ads | B2B Secrets

    In the “B2B Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation Using Competitor Targeting”, our President & CEO Mike N reviewed a handful of ways we get in front of highly qualified prospects using competitor targeting. As Mike mentioned, competitor targeting is extremely effective because it allows us to get in front of prospects who are further down […]

  • Marketing Nation Summit 2016 | Lessons that Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas

    As we all know, a large conference like Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit can be draining, both physically and mentally. After all of the keynotes, sessions and networking events, this was absolutely the case for the Obility team as we returned to Portland, OR after visiting Las Vegas, NV for the 2016 MNS. As draining as […]