B2B Video Advertising: The How-To For The Must-Have

06.13.18 // Emily Paxton

Now that GDPR is over for you (hopefully), you’re probably thinking: How can we get back on track with our 2018 marketing plans and goals?

Perhaps your answer includes a foray into video ads.

With LinkedIn’s release of native video ads in March, the video buzz has resurged and could likely revolutionize the professional networking platform. Obility began testing the new ad format back in the fall when LinkedIn released beta tests for more than 700 advertisers. Initial tests revealed engagement times of nearly 3x longer compared to regular Sponsored Content!

But in case you need even more convincing from HubSpot’s State of Video Marketing in 2018 report:

  • 72% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service over text
  • 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool (up from 63% in 2017)
  • 76% of marketers say video has helped them increase sales
  • 69% of people say a video influenced their choice to buy a piece of software or application

Marketers are clearly seeing the benefit of video in their toolkit, but the challenge is often getting the video produced and edited for viewing.

Before you contract out a video project, or press play from your smartphone, consider these points.

Start Organically

Your first produced video doesn’t need to be shared as an ad. Consider getting your toes wet by sharing video content organically on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and monitoring how your followers engage with your posts.

Here are some video content ideas you can execute from your smartphone:

  1. String together 10-20 second snippets of why your customers love your product
  2. Promote your presence at your own conference or an industry event by interviewing attendees and speakers  
  3. Use video to recruit: try executive interviews or a “Day in the Life” snapshot for a specific role you are hiring for
Ensure Your Video is Good Quality Before Publishing

How do you know whether or not your video is good quality? A few points include, but are not limited to:

  1. Communicate a singular idea – write out your plot line before recording; make sure the content fits the theme, remove content that is irrelevant or distracting, and match the title and description of your video to the story you are telling
  2. Lighting and sound – a few purchases from Amazon can really elevate your production quality; consider investing in a smartphone tripod, mobile microphone, and LED lights
  3. Keep it concise – short videos tend to perform best, consider shorter videos (30-60 seconds) for social platforms, but slightly longer for YouTube (up to 2 minutes)

If you’re still at a loss as to how to get your video created, Google now offers the Director Onsite program which will help you get a professional video created and live on YouTube! You can book the shoot through this this site and Google will connect you with filmmakers. Note: As of May 2018, there is minimum spend required of $350 on YouTube.

Once you’re ready to elevate your video marketing and start running ads, here are some final content ideas that will be engaging with a customer audience that may not be as familiar with your brand:

Promote your conference with highlight reels from previous events

Convert a Customer Success Story from blog to video

Make a video that clearly shows the benefit of your product

Highlight a great offer, like a limited time free trial

If you are looking for video ad expertise, reach out to Obility for help in creating video campaigns that fit with your specific marketing goals and budget. Or press upload and let us know how your video performs!

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