Why Work at Obility?

11.17.17 // Emily Larkin

Did you hear? Obility is opening its doors to welcome more talented marketing professionals!

Perhaps this is your first time ever hearing about us – and that’s ok! We were founded in 2011 and have been a blossoming digital marketing agency in Portland ever since, with incredible B2B clients whom we love collaborating with.

We’re so much more than a mission statement and origin story, though. There are many perks to working at Obility, and we want to share what some of them are, straight from the team!


Our Office

Perks: We’re located RIGHT in downtown Portland with a view of the Willamette River from our office windows, with food, shopping, and entertainment within a few steps of our building. For those who take public transit or are true Oregonians via bike, it’s very easy to get to and from our office. We also value the moments of fun and relaxation during our breaks from the desk – our Culture Club does a great job of making communal spaces like the kitchen welcoming with activities and stocked with necessary brain food.

Team Favorite: The thing Obility employees love most about the office is its flexible hours. Work/life balance is very important to us. With active employees who also dedicate time to their families, hobbies, and other passions, flexible schedules allow us to achieve results for our clients while still maintaining life beyond these walls. No micromanaging the 9-5 here!


Our Practices

Perks: While agencies are fast-paced in nature, we make an additional effort to adapt and follow the trends of digital marketing. From our monthly trends blogs to weekly meetings sharing discoveries, Obility makes the sharing of expertise a top priority. There is both a trust in the individual to learn and develop as professionals and in the team to maintain a supportive mentality. Recognition of teammates who go above and beyond their job descriptions, whether in weekly meeting shoutouts and 1-2-1 meetings with department leaders, is practiced by all

Team Favorite:  The encouragement of employees to try new tools and methods breaks the predictable mold of so many other positions and places of work. As the industry changes, we recognize the importance of evolution in practices and professionals. We want entry-level positions to grow and become field experts, we want management to invest in healthy, effective leadership styles, and we want to give new hires the best possible development with immediate hands-on experience. This dedication makes for a hardworking, positive environment.


Our Clients

The most universally shared reason why Obility employees love working here: the clients we closely work with on a regular basis.

The B2B focus allows for unique partnerships, with Obility’s efforts concentrated entirely on client results rather than dollar signs. Our clients are cutting-edge B2B technology companies looking for a niche agency providing best-in-class services. They’re as innovative as we strive to be, and that encourages us to provide ongoing dedication and evolution for their digital marketing.

Emily P. tells it best, “I like working to a specific goal with my clients and it is highly motivating to see Obility and our client work as a team to clearly defined goals. I’ve gained a lot of experience in my field by helping our clients with event strategies, new site launches, and lead acquisition via various platforms.


Our Employees

One last thing is for certain – we are a fan of each other!

We admire our fellow co-workers both as professionals in the field and as unique people from different backgrounds. Jennifer, one of our Senior SEO Managers, notices and appreciates the number of women in leadership roles at Obility, which is something we pride ourselves in.

Noah, Director of SEO & CRO, also shares, “I love not being the smartest one in the room and working with people who put their client, department and the companies interests first,” …although many of us would argue that he is, in fact, one of our smartest.

Our open space makes collaboration and communication easy between one another. Opinions are valued and encouraged in meetings and team projects, and people are well informed in their areas of expertise and keep up with trends (sharing articles that we come across in our various Obility Slack channels). The autonomy and trust in each other’s responsibility and results makes for a comfortable, transparent environment. We respect each other as adults and treat each other as such.

And above all else, we have FUN

Whether it’s Halloween…

Early Halloween outing with the Obility crew! #happyhalloween #it

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Field day…


Or some good ol’ fashioned networking…

The Obility team had a blast at this year’s Rooftop Networking Party, thank you @sempdx

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It’s a new chapter each day, and the next one may include you.

Job openings can be found here. You can also learn more about us on Glassdoor. We hope to see your name added to the mix, don’t be afraid to reach out with questions. The floor is open!

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