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We love Obility. They set themselves apart
by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue
Maria Pergolino
CMO, ActiveCampaign


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Paid social not working the way you’d like it to?

If your social media advertising campaigns aren’t generating the results you need – maybe you’re getting lots of leads, but they’re not good enough to pass on to sales – then it’s time to bring in an agency who lives and breathes B2B LinkedIn advertising.

At Obility, our team of LinkedIn advertising experts can help you with:

  • Focused lead targeting – finding targeting options that align with your unique ICPs
  • Full-funnel attribution – so you can figure out what’s working and what’s not
  • Integration strategies – offering guidance and resources on how to make sure marketing and sales are working together to follow up on high-quality leads

It’s not just about getting more leads

Getting more leads sounds nice, but what you really want are more qualified leads. That’s the only way to make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient, driving more revenue per dollar spent.

Whether you’re new in the space and focused on creating brand awareness and product understanding, or an established organization looking for a better way to generate leads, B2B advertising on LinkedIn is a highly effective way to achieve results.

LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B paid social advertising

When it comes to targeting selections for B2B paid social, nothing can beat LinkedIn. It is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, towering over all of the other social media platforms.

Compared with other platforms, LinkedIn is:

  • Much better suited to targeting for B2B
  • A strong driver of authority and content
  • A great place to test company & contact lists for ABM campaigns
Obility set themselves apart by focusing on sales qualified leads and revenue
Maria Pergolino
CMO, ActiveCampaign

Use LinkedIn to kick-start your ABM campaigns

With its enhanced targeting capabilities, you can make sure you’re showing members of a buying committee the same ads, allowing you more control over the narrative around your organization. You also have the ability to bring your third-party contact information into LinkedIn, creating a robust and relevant list of LinkedIn members to target.

Target High-Level Accounts

Whether you need to target the Chief Data Officer, the Director of IT, or the CEO, you can typically find each of them on LinkedIn.

Reach Decision-Makers

You can easily reach the right decision-makers at identified accounts, searching by seniority, function, title, or any other related signal.

Engage with Contacts

Keep track of which contacts at your target accounts are ready to be moved further down the funnel and then engage them directly.

Find out more about our ABM Capabilities on our sister company Dunthorpe Marketing’s website, here.

Snowflake’s LinkedIn ads increased MQLs by 105%

With 10+ years doing B2B inbound marketing, Obility’s skill at B2B LinkedIn advertising is unparalleled. When unicorn data warehouse startup, Snowflake, wanted to change KPIs, we:

  • Restructured our strategy from retargeting to prospecting
  • Tested a variety of audiences on LinkedIn
  • Launched different assets to test against each other
  • Optimized interest-based, groups, and job titles targeting

This ultimately enabled Snowflake to increase MQL volume by 105%, lowering the cost per net new MQL by 31% with a budget increase of 55%.

You need a LinkedIn advertising agency that understands B2B

As an exclusively B2B company, Obility was one of the first agencies to break out a separate Paid Social department (from within the Paid Search team).

Now you can take our years of experience with paid social and use them to your advantage, leveraging the of multiple companies in your industry.

What are you going to do with these leads?

You start by telling us what you need and we take it from there. Whether you choose regular image ads and lead gen forms or want to test different features and ad formats – like LinkedIn’s high-performing conversation ads – we’re here to advise, guide, and drive for you.

The next step is booking a call with one of our B2B LinkedIn advertising experts. Talk to someone who understands how to make paid social work for B2B, cares about your success, and would love to be a partner in your growth.

Best B2B agency I have worked with to date…. Many B2C-focused paid search and SEO consultants or agencies don't understand B2B at all, despite their claims to the contrary. Obility gets it.

~ Jason Stewart, Fossa