• Making Sense of an RLSA Strategy

    Defining a Strategy for RLSA AdWords Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns have been around for quite some time, and yet most of the strategies provided by the industry at this point seem straight from Google’s initial press release. Bidding more, updating ad copy, and/or broadening keyword targeting has only one certain outcome: making […]

  • Google Remarketing with Universal Analytics

    In light of the Google’s upgrade to Universal Analytics, we’re writing a series of posts to address specific questions you may have surrounding the changes that are taking place, and what it means for your business. Google recently rolled out Phase 3 of its Universal Analytics upgrade, bringing it out of beta and officially into […]

  • Target Competitors and Drive High Quality Leads

    Competitor campaigns are consistently some of the most effective campaigns B2B marketers can run. For B2B marketers with established competitors, competitor campaigns tend to perform as well as core keywords. Targeting competitors makes sense. Typically, someone researching a competitor or a current competitor customer is a great lead. Folks researching competitors are often further down the funnel than […]

  • Email Retargeting: An Effective Retargeting Niche

    As targeting becomes more sophisticated, you should consider how you segment retargeting audiences. Consider testing retargeting networks: AdWords display, Yahoo Plus, AdRoll, Bizo, etc., but also consider retargeting specific audience segments such as homepage and blog visitors, visitors from paid search, Twitter, or LinkedIn campaigns. Similar to search, retargeting campaigns should have multiple, segmented ad […]