• Meet the Paid Social Team

    You know their names and email addresses from your inbox, and you chat with them during your regularly scheduled Zoom meetings. Or maybe you’ve scanned their pictures in the “About” page of our site.  But do you really know the Obility Paid Social team? Let’s find out.   Andrea Contreras Senior Paid Social Coordinator Earliest […]

  • Work Levity in the Age of COVID-19

    With COVID-19 now classified as a pandemic by WHO, many are doing what they can to help slow the spread of the virus. Local governments are enforcing bans based on certain gathering sizes, businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home, events are being cancelled, and individuals are in self-quarantine to participate in “social […]

  • It’s A #PaidSocialLife: As Told By JVN Gifs

    Ever wonder what it’s like to live the #PaidSocialLife? Let Jonathan Van Ness show you the way.  9:00 am Walking into the Obility office and catching up with all of your rad coworkers.   9:30 am Checking in on your client accounts and their budget pacing. When everyone is pacing appropriately, you pat your little […]

  • The Art of Paid Social Audience Sizes

    Ensuring an appropriate paid social audience size is often the most overlooked element when building a campaign. You must define and narrow your audience, but focusing too much on ways to eliminate individuals may result in an audience size that is too small to run on paid social platforms.   While taking into account the […]

  • LinkedIn Hacks: A Guide to the New Interface

    If you’re a fellow paid social media marketer, like yours truly, you likely know that LinkedIn’s self-serve ad platform, Campaign Manager, has migrated to a new user interface as of late. With change can come growing pains, but I’m here to help you navigate a few! Check out a few hacks that my Paid Social […]

  • Infographic – Social Media Ad Copy Character Limit Best Practice

    When it comes to ad copy, bigger is not always better. A 2015 Microsoft study found that the attention span of a human is now 8 seconds. That’s 1 second shorter than a goldfish! Therefore, having short but impactful ad copy is key. You’ll need to grab the viewer’s attention and then convince them to […]