Infographic – Social Media Ad Copy Character Limit Best Practice

12.17.18 // Paige Nicolopulos

When it comes to ad copy, bigger is not always better. A 2015 Microsoft study found that the attention span of a human is now 8 seconds. That’s 1 second shorter than a goldfish!

Therefore, having short but impactful ad copy is key. You’ll need to grab the viewer’s attention and then convince them to pursue your call to action, all while keeping within a character limit.


A Character Limit Should Not Limit You

It’s not difficult to figure out the character limit that each platform imposes, but do you know what your character count should be? We developed a best practice for the most effective character count on each platform. Check out our handy infographic.



Final Thoughts

With short, concise, and relevant ad copy, you’ll be able to reach your target audience and convince them to pursue your call to action. Reference our infographic the next time you’re writing social ad copy, you’ll probably want to save it for later.

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