• B2B Social Advertising: A Plea for Creativity

    What do you typically see in your social feeds? Perhaps a friend landed a new job, someone shared a blog post about the struggle of working 100% remote, a life update with a smiley photo, news articles, a motivational quote, an invitation to a pyramid scheme that “totally is not a pyramid scheme”… and of […]

  • Paid Social Targeting, An Intro + Infographic

    One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a paid social tactician is, “How does this audience on {insert your social platform here} translate to {other social platform}? Which options exist to target a similar audience on this other platform?”   Unfortunately, the answer is often, “Let’s research some options. It’s not that […]

  • New LinkedIn Features: Platform Updates for Advertisers

    If you’ve noticed some changes in LinkedIn Campaign Manager lately, you’re not alone! LinkedIn has slowly been rolling out updates across accounts. However, it’s possible that not all new features have affected your account(s) yet. Here are the three biggest changes you can expect to hit soon if they haven’t already!   Objective-Based Advertising The […]

  • SEMpdx Engage 2019 Takeaways

      At this year’s SEMpdx Engage conference, marketing experts and enthusiasts were welcomed in true Portland style with grey clouds, snow that didn’t stick, and sponsored bacon during the morning breakfast. Yes, the bacon was sponsored. With full bellies and a brief shortage of coffee, Engage 2019 had officially commenced. With a B2B scope, 8 […]