Improving Email Quality for New Leads

05.23.18 // Sarah Merino

How does email quality influence lead scores in your marketing automation system? For some B2B companies, prospects using personal email domains such as “” will be scored lower than those submitting work emails such as “”.

Luckily, there are secrets out there to help you decrease the number of personal email distractions that your forms collect. Let’s set ourselves up for higher scoring right off the bat!

What to Do

If email quality is a concern for your Marketing or Sales teams, which it should be, you can try adding this script from Marketo to the form on your landing pages.  This nifty addition will check if a user entered a non-business email address and prevent the form submission if needed:

How do we know it works? I recently tested this script with a client concerned with email quality, focusing on leads coming through LinkedIn specifically. This was added to the landing page forms used in our LinkedIn campaigns (which were also among the forms used in their Search campaigns). Within the first month since updating the form, email quality for new leads improved substantially across platforms, with no decrease in new leads coming through.


Things to Keep in Mind

We’ve seen some great results, but don’t mistake it for the silver bullet that will perfectly resolve this issue. After implementing this script, there were still some stragglers like “” that were later added as exclusions. There will always be some junky emails that trickle through (i.e., but any that you see recurring can easily be added to your scripts moving forward.

Also, depending on how your back-end systems are set up, this script is a trick that will namely help with new leads coming in, since existing leads already have email addresses in place.

Now get those emails soaring in the right direction, and fly my pretties!


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