Navigating the B2B Digital Space for the First Time

09.05.19 // Mary Nguyen

As a fresh graduate from college, I was given the opportunity to intern with Obility this past summer.  In a nutshell, I have learned that digital marketing can be complex, especially in the B2B SaaS world. For those who are like me that are new to the marketing workforce, the digital space can be confusing when it comes to understanding the jargon and concepts used in this particular world.

Stepping into the B2B digital space was like stepping into a foreign country. It was a new lense in the marketing realm I never expected to dive into. I didn’t realize that PPC strategy, including social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, could have such an impact on a company’s lead geneneration efforts. I’ve also learned that these platforms play a crucial role in the SaaS industry and that we have the tools available through marketing automation and CRM systems to nurture and manage leads, as well as visualize digital ROI.



Understanding KPIs like CPA, CPL, MQLs, and SALs can honestly be a mind- FULL. Demand-Gen terminology that are tossed between meetings and conversations can make it hard for me to wrap my head around. However with the help of Google, and a Demand-Gen Dictionary Obility provided, I am slowly but surely learning this newfound language.  

..or Always Be Closing!



I never knew the digital marketing world had different areas of expertise. All including: paid social, paid search, SEO, Sales, RevOps, and Customer Success. Each department plays a huge role in the success of the company and the clients we work with. As well as offering a variety of content and strategy at each stage of the marketing funnel. Throughout my internship with Obility, I’ve gained an understanding of the new tools and resources that each department utilizes within their scope of work. I have also learned to be more open minded to strive to be better than what best practices may allow. 


Endless Questions

There’s never a day where I don’t have questions. I probably have a zillion passing by my brain everyday. I learned it’s okay to ask what might seem like “stupid” questions, but I also liked if I can find answers for myself.


It takes time, and it’s a process!

I have learned so much in the past three months. Often times I was a fish out of the water, and found myself thinking “I don’t know what I’m doing” just like Hannah B (aka Hannah Beast) when she became the new Bachelorette. However, overtime I became more familiar and confident with all of my tasks. This wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of all the lovely Obility team members, and I appreciate them for their constant efforts towards my overall growth!


Cheers to continuously learning, growing, and whatever the future entails! 



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