• How to Manage the iOS 14.5 Update for Your Facebook Ads Account

    Data privacy and security have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind since GDPR went live in May of 2018. GDPR changed everything in regards to how advertisers got to store and use customers and website visitors’ data. Ever since new regulations have been continually passed giving customers control over their data. Sounds like a […]

  • Testing Reddit Ads for B2B Marketing

    I want to start by giving some context about my personality (it is relevant, I swear). I am cynical by nature. It is probably why I majored in economics in college. Want to hear a terrible joke about economists? The First Law of Economics: For every economist, there exists an equal and opposite economist. The […]

  • How to Measure B2B Paid Search and Paid Social Campaigns

    Quick note: My goal in writing this was to address how CFOs, CMOs, and VPs of Marketing at B2B companies can evaluate their paid search and paid social efforts. Ignore Conventional Measurement Metrics for PPC campaigns are abundant. Clicks, clickthrough rate, conversions, cost per conversion, etc. are all readily available. Measuring “things” in paid media […]

  • Goodbye Facebook Power Editor, A Love Letter

    5 Months Ago…. Oh Ads Manager, I replaced you with Power Editor a long, long time ago. The only thing I found you useful for was pulling data and changing budgets. I loathed you for pretty much everything else. Bulk editing, no way! Creating campaigns, forget about it! You were a hopeless, meaningless void of […]

  • Facebook Ads: B2B Dos and Don’ts [Infographic]

    Facebook can be one of the trickiest of all for B2B Marketers to set up correctly. Unfortunately, there are many nuances and levers to pull in order for your ads and assets to run effectively on this platform. We’re Here to Help Since we work solely in the B2B space, we decided to share our knowledge […]

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Creation Best Practices

    If you haven’t heard, LinkedIn has a new ad type! Dun, duh, duh, daaaaaaaah! Welcome, Lead Gen Forms! Their purpose is simple, keep people in LinkedIn when on mobile. Probably not, but I live for this stuff so excuse me while I go on a tangent.   What are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms? LinkedIn Lead Gen […]