Goodbye Facebook Power Editor, A Love Letter

02.08.18 // Kendra Macek

5 Months Ago….

Oh Ads Manager, I replaced you with Power Editor a long, long time ago.

The only thing I found you useful for was pulling data and changing budgets. I loathed you for pretty much everything else.

Bulk editing, no way! Creating campaigns, forget about it! You were a hopeless, meaningless void of an existence.
why do you even exist?

Until wait! All of the sudden I can duplicate ads like in Power Editor? And I can make bulk edits? What’s happening? Ohhhh I see, Facebook is rolling them together.

But when? When will my beloved Power Editor disappear?

Maybe it’ll be fine. Maybe I won’t miss it.



What the? Where is Power Editor?! What is happening? Panic ensues, my heart drops. My worlds on fire, how bout yours?

Are my ads still in draft form? The huge campaign build out I’ve been working on, did it go live? Oh mylanta, oh cheese and rice!

oh mylanta

Phew, they’re fine. But what is this thing that keeps popping up? Fine, fine. I’ll have to remember to hit ‘close’ from now on. REMEMBER: HIT CLOSE NOT TO PUBLISH… HIT CLOSE NOT TO PUBLISH. Not the bright green button in the corner that looks all powerful. That button will fudge up your life!button choices

One hit of that button and BOOM ads without UTM parameters are published. Spelling errors are out there, naked for the whole targeted area to see.

That green button, too powerful. Too easy to hit, too shiny.

Bring me back to power editor, where I have to hit a series of buttons to publish. Where I know I can review it forever and ever until I decide it’s time to unveil my beautiful creations, ‘Review Drafts’ and ‘Publish’.

Bring me back to safety.

I miss you, and all the warm fuzzies the you brought me.


Forever Yours,

A Very Sad Social Marketer


Final Thoughts

While I understand the need for change and technology adaptation, I have to wonder why they would make it easier to publish mistakes. Maybe I am just an anxious advertiser or I play it too safe, but this new change honestly scares me because it means there is no longer a safety net.

baby come back kitty

My warm fuzzy feelings for Facebook ads are gone. All I am left with is fear that I will publish something I meant not too and a sense of longing for Power Editor. Goodbye, best ad platform experience. I’ll miss you.

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