• Why Content Repurposing is Key to B2B Digital Marketing Success

      The B2B digital marketing world is very competitive, so marketers need to find innovative ways to capture and engage their target audience. Content creation is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing strategy, but constantly producing fresh content can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. That’s where content repurposing comes into play. Repurposing existing content allows […]

  • How to Rebrand Your Website or Product and Retain Your SEO Performance

    Most companies will go through a rebranding at some point during their lives, whether it’s rebranding a product or solution, or the entire website.  A common concern during a rebranding is the impact on SEO performance, for good reasons. Prospective customers will need time to familiarize themselves with the new product or brand name. Major […]

  • SEO Best Practices: Subdomain vs Subdirectory

    What’s the difference between subdirectories and subdomains? Subdomains organize your website into separate but related categories to your root domain and are treated as separate websites by search engines. Subdirectories allow you to organize closely related topics under your main (root) domain. Subdomains Subdomain Blog Structure: blog.yourdomain.com A subdomain exists outside of the main domain. […]

  • Why Google Is Rewriting Title Tags

    In August of 2021, SEO’s everywhere were sent into a panic as they noticed Google had rewritten title tags for pages in some search results. Google had seemingly taken these pages H1 tag and used them as the title.   Google has been busy this summer when it comes to core algorithm updates. Between the […]

  • Take Advantage of New Insights by Connecting Google Search Console and Google Analytics

    Among the latest product updates from Google comes a new tool called Search Console Insights, intended to help businesses and digital marketers better understand the performance of the content on their site. This tool combines data from Search Console and Google Analytics in an easily digestible format with actionable insights. The great thing about it […]

  • B2B Link Building Essentials for SEO Webinar

    Let’s talk link building Get your answer in a day Region*Where are you?North America – Pacific time (plus Hawaii, Alaska)California Bay AreaNorth America – Mountain time / Central timeNorth America – Eastern time (plus Newfoundland)EMEALATAMAPAC / ANZ First Name* Last Name* Company* Title* Phone* Email* What's on your mind? NameThis field is for validation purposes […]